We are a married couple with fur kids that moved from the mountains to the sea. 

Saltwater Mondays was born from our desire to help others who may feel overwhelmed, like we often do, by the pace of life, societal pressures, and the struggle to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

Our wish for the world is to see healthier, happier people who are more content, more confident, less stressed, and less violent. We believe that if we are all kinder to ourselves, we will also be more compassionate towards each other, animals, and the environment. 

We started Saltwater Mondays to share easy everyday wellness tips for simple self care, to find the extraordinary within your ordinary, revel in nature, and to find purpose beyond your paycheck. We encourage you to take a little time for yourself to heal, revive, and relax regardless of what day of the week it is. No ocean required!


Nate has a master's degree in Hydrogeophysics and works full time as a hydrogeologist (in other words, a groundwater scientist). When not at work, he is most likely out on some sort of mission such as a fun photographic pursuit, running, mountain biking, hiking, frisbee, skiing, surfing, playing tennis with Karen, or hanging out with our rescue pets. Nate has been enjoying plant-based culinary quests as well, becoming a smoothie and acai bowl master.

Karen has a bachelor of science degree in Health Science/Biology, is a California Certified Massage Therapist, and has a 200-hour yoga teacher training certificate. She currently works as a massage therapist and as a research assistant at a biomechanics laboratory. When not at work or out adventuring with Nate and the pets, Karen can be found running errands on her bike, journaling, learning new plant-based recipes, or picking up OPT (other people's trash) on the beach.

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